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Topo Map of Hiking Tracks in New Zealand

This is an extensive list of hiking, walking, and biking trails in New Zealand as provided by LINZ. Unfortunately, it is unclear which are walking or biking tracks or private or public tracks, but I explain why on this table. If you want to sort and search, use that table. There are close to 10,000 of them listed here, although many of them are part tracks, i.e. from hut 1 to hut 2. This is the way LINZ provides the database.

Clicking on the map link will take you to a topographical map of the track. You can also view a street map (OpenStreetMap) or a Google satellite view. I have removed Bing satellites as they limit the number per year, which is a shame as their satellite view is often better.

Name LocationArea Distance*SourcePhoto 
Stoney River Walkway 1.17 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Stony Bay Fishing T'Track 1.92 kmDOC Map 
Stony Bay Fishing Track 1.91 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Stony Bay Mountain Bike Track 6.69 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Stony Bay Mountainbike Track 6.75 kmDOC Map 
Stony River Route 4.71 kmDOC Map 
Stour Track 1.85 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Stour Track - Formed 14.23 kmDOC Map 
STOUT STREET Gisborne District [Whataupoko-Riverdale]3.15 km Map 
Stratheona Huts to Te Ngawai Rd Across River Opihi River Stop Banks1.90 kmTimaru District Council Map 
Stratton-Cottle Park bridleway tramp trk Belmont1.03 kmGreater Wellington Regional Council Map 
Stream Easement 1.12 kmDOC Map 
Stream Track 2.34 kmDOC Map 
Sturges (Harvest to Pitville Pl) 4.01 kmAuckland Council Map 
Styx Road End To Grassy Flat Hut Track 12.21 kmDOC Map 
Sue's Victoria Domain1.01 kmMarlborough District Council Map 
Sugar Loaf Walkway Taradale2.42 kmNapier City Council Map 
Sugarloaf Rtbn To Rockburn Jcn Track 4.30 kmDOC Map 
Sugarloaf Swingbridge To Flats Hut 5.97 kmDOC Map 
Sugarloaf Track 4.42 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Sullivans Bridle Track 1.37 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Summit Teetotal Trails3.06 kmTasman District Council Map 
Summit Road Codgers1.51 kmNelson City Council Map 
Summit Road - Fireball Road Link Codgers1.50 kmNelson City Council Map 
Summit Track 3.70 kmAuckland Council Map 
Summit Walkway 1.67 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Summit Wway Mt Herbert To Port Levy 6.21 kmDOC Map 
Sunnybrae Road 2.34 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sunnynook Road 2.08 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sunrise Avenue 2.41 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sunrise Peak Route 5.37 kmDOC Map 
Sunrise Ridge Fringed Hill3.53 kmNelson City Council Map 
Sunrise Track 5.28 kmDOC Map 
Sunset Road 3.15 kmAuckland Council Map 
Supplejack Hira1.25 kmNelson City Council Map 
Suspension Bridge Track 1.41 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sustainable Trail 1.20 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sutherland Stream Track Wither Hills Farm Park2.99 kmMarlborough District Council Map 
Sutherland Stream Walkway Blenheim1.86 kmMarlborough District Council Map 
Sutton Salt Lake Track 3.40 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Sutton Salt Lake Walking Track 3.42 kmDOC Map 
Swamp Monster Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park1.20 kmTasman District Council Map 
Swamp Track 1.64 kmDOC Map 
Swampy Ridge Route 3.86 kmDOC Map 
Swampy Ridge Track 2.96 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Swanson (Don Buck to Ranui) 3.62 kmAuckland Council Map 
Swanson (Great North to Don Buck) 2.60 kmAuckland Council Map 
Swanson Pipeline Track 2.79 kmAuckland Council Map 
Swanson Road 5.81 kmAuckland Council Map 
Sweet and Sour Whakarewarewa Forest2.05 kmRDC - GPS Uncorrected Map 
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