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Topo Map of Hiking Tracks in New Zealand

This is an extensive list of hiking, walking, and biking trails in New Zealand as provided by LINZ. Unfortunately, it is unclear which are walking or biking tracks or private or public tracks, but I explain why on this table. If you want to sort and search, use that table. There are close to 10,000 of them listed here, although many of them are part tracks, i.e. from hut 1 to hut 2. This is the way LINZ provides the database.

Clicking on the map link will take you to a topographical map of the track. You can also view a street map (OpenStreetMap) or a Google satellite view. I have removed Bing satellites as they limit the number per year, which is a shame as their satellite view is often better.

Name LocationArea Distance*SourcePhoto 
Jack and the Beanstalk 2.67 kmPalmerston North City Council Map 
Jack Be Nimble 1.56 kmPalmerston North City Council Map 
Jack Frost 2.90 kmPalmerston North City Council Map 
Jack Lovelock Track 8.19 kmMackenzie District Council Map 
Jack The Ripper 2.00 kmPalmerston North City Council Map 
Jack's Point Walkway Timaru2.46 kmTimaru District Council Map 
Jacko Flat To Top Crooked Route 5.43 kmDOC Map 
Jacks Blow-hole Track 1.50 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Jacks Blowhole Walking Track 1.49 kmDOC Map 
Jacks Pass To Mt Isobel Track 1.64 kmDOC Map 
Jacks Point Track 7.41 kmDOC Map 
Jacks Track Codgers1.69 kmNelson City Council Map 
Jacks-Firball Firebreak Codgers1.63 kmNelson City Council Map 
Jacobs Bay/Fairy Bay Track 4.66 kmDOC Map 
Jaemont Ave to Rimu Street 8.96 kmAuckland Council Map 
James Road to Slate River Junction Tasman5.97 kmTasman District Council Map 
James Vogel Nature Walk 1.01 kmDOC Map 
Jameson Ridge Track 7.03 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Jamieson Ridge Track Tasman7.03 kmTasman District Council Map 
Jenkins Hill To Brook Street Barnicoat6.88 kmNelson City Council Map 
Jenkins Hill To Third House Barnicoat4.10 kmNelson City Council Map 
Jervois Road 1.47 kmAuckland Council Map 
Jimmy Lee Creek Loop Richmond Foothills3.32 kmTasman District Council Map 
John Drew - Shag Track 2.53 kmDOC Map 
Johnson Creek Track 1.66 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Johnson Reserve 2.63 km Map 
Johnson Track 12.85 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Jollies Pass Road To Mt Isobel Track 2.53 kmDOC Map 
Jolliffe Saddle Track 1.19 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Jubilee Track Mount Ngongotaha2.42 km Map 
Jubilee Track - Mt Ngongotaha 1.80 kmDOC Map 
Jubilee Walk 1.15 kmAuckland Council Map 
Judah Track 6.83 kmDOC Map 
Julia Hut To Mid Taipo Hut Track 5.98 kmDOC Map 
Jumbo Hut To Upper Atiwhakatu Route 1.91 kmDOC Map 
Junction Hut Track 7.73 kmDOC Map 
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