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Topo Map of Hiking Tracks in New Zealand

This is an extensive list of hiking, walking, and biking trails in New Zealand as provided by LINZ. Unfortunately, it is unclear which are walking or biking tracks or private or public tracks, but I explain why on this table. If you want to sort and search, use that table. There are close to 10,000 of them listed here, although many of them are part tracks, i.e. from hut 1 to hut 2. This is the way LINZ provides the database.

Clicking on the map link will take you to a topographical map of the track. You can also view a street map (OpenStreetMap) or a Google satellite view. I have removed Bing satellites as they limit the number per year, which is a shame as their satellite view is often better.

Name LocationArea Distance*SourcePhoto 
Gable End - Richards Knob To Ohau Track 5.48 kmDOC Map 
Gabriels Gully Track 2.28 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Gabriels Gully Walking Track 2.28 kmDOC Map 
Galatea Foothills Track 8.76 kmDOC Map 
Galaxy North Rd 4.62 kmRDC - Orthophotography, 2006_2K Map 
Gallery Gorge Walk 2.62 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Gallony Ave- Reynella Dr (Donbuck to Triangle Rds) 1.29 kmAuckland Council Map 
Galway Beach Track 3.14 kmDOC Map 
Gannons To Capleston Track 3.33 kmDOC Map 
Garden Gully Track 1.04 kmDOC Map 
Garden Mound Track 1.92 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Gawnwalking Track Ohiwa1.21 kmWhakatane District Council Map 
Gayne Road 2.75 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Genesis Whakarewarewa Forest3.41 kmOther GPS Map 
Gentle Annie To Atiwhakatu -Powell Turno 4.67 kmDOC Map 
Gentle Annie Track 4.76 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
George Bolt Memorial Drive 7.03 kmAuckland Council Map 
Gertrude Valley/Saddle Walk 3.97 kmDOC Map 
Gibbons Track 3.93 kmAuckland Council Map 
Gibbs Hill Tasman8.53 kmTasman District Council Map 
Gibbs Route 5.29 kmDOC Map 
Gibbs Track Junction To Mutton Cove Camp 5.70 kmDOC Map 
Gibbs Track-Inland Track Jct To Whari Saddle 2.87 kmDOC Map 
Gibbs Track-Totaranui To Inland Track Jct 2.57 kmDOC Map 
Gibbston River Trail 10.97 kmDOC Map 
Gilberd Bush Reserve Track Gilberd Bush Reserve1.10 kmWellington City Council Map 
Gill Road 2.25 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Gillespie Pass Circuit Track 24.04 kmDOC Map 
Girdlestone Saddle To Pukematawai/Te Mat 1.73 kmDOC Map 
Girven Road 1.40 kmTauranga City Council Map 
Glacier Burn Track 4.47 kmDOC Map 
Glade Runner Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park1.10 kmTasman District Council Map 
Gladstone Road 1.12 kmAuckland Council Map 
Glen Allen Track 3.67 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Glen Dene Ridge Track 18.05 kmDOC Map 
Glen Nevis Access Track 2.96 kmDOC Map 
Glencreag To Rock And Pillar Ridge Track 1.65 kmDOC Map 
Glencreag Track 1.00 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Glendale Road 1.60 kmAuckland Council Map 
Glendhu Bay lake edge 2.18 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Glenduan Lookout Glenduan5.08 kmNelson City Council Map 
Glenfalloch Route 10.91 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Glenfield Road 4.67 kmAuckland Council Map 
Gleniti Shared Pathway Timaru3.48 kmTimaru District Council Map 
Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway 4.48 kmDOC Map 
Glenroy Water Race Track 4.92 kmDOC Map 
Glentui Nature Walk 2.51 kmDOC Map 
Glenvar Road 2.84 kmAuckland Council Map 
Glider Road Barnicoat4.32 kmNelson City Council Map 
Glory Track 2.03 kmDOC Map 
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