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Topo Map of Hiking Tracks in New Zealand

This is an extensive list of hiking, walking, and biking trails in New Zealand as provided by LINZ. Unfortunately, it is unclear which are walking or biking tracks or private or public tracks, but I explain why on this table. If you want to sort and search, use that table. There are close to 10,000 of them listed here, although many of them are part tracks, i.e. from hut 1 to hut 2. This is the way LINZ provides the database.

Clicking on the map link will take you to a topographical map of the track. You can also view a street map (OpenStreetMap) or a Google satellite view. I have removed Bing satellites as they limit the number per year, which is a shame as their satellite view is often better.

Name LocationArea Distance*SourcePhoto 
H Tree Loop Walk 2.04 kmDOC Map 
Haape Track Te Kopahou2.87 kmWellington City Council Map 
Haape Track/Spooky Gully Te Kopahou1.65 kmWellington City Council Map 
Haast to Paringa Cattle Track 30.74 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Hacket Hut Bridge To Starveall Hut Route 5.64 kmDOC Map 
Hacket Track 5.60 kmDOC Map 
Hakarimata 1- Gas Line Nth To Kauri Loop 4.64 kmDOC Map 
Hakarimata 2- Gas Line South To Summit 4.23 kmDOC Map 
Hakarimata 3- Waingaro Section 3.06 kmDOC Map 
Hakarimata Rail Trail 1.11 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Hakarimata Rail Trail- Historic 1.23 kmDOC Map 
Hakarimata Walkway 11.65 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Hakatere Station Route 27.90 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Halfway Hut/Hauroko Burn Hut 10.62 kmDOC Map 
Halfway Hut/Pleasant Range Bushedge 12.53 kmDOC Map 
Hamilton - Valley Track 3.58 kmDOC Map 
Hamilton River Route 3.81 kmDOC Map 
Hamilton Track 4.84 kmAuckland Council Map 
Hammond Street Esplanade 1.27 km Map 
Hanamahihi Hut To Waikare Junt. S Bridge 6.24 kmDOC Map 
Hang Ten Richmond Foothills1.48 kmTasman District Council Map 
Hanging Valley Track 1.71 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Hanging Valley Track, Deep Cove 1.64 kmDOC Map 
Hapeotoroa Rd 1.40 kmRDC - Orthophotography, 2006_2K Map 
Hapuakohe 1- North Road South To S/Post 3.22 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe 2- Treweeke'S North To S/Post 4.34 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe 3- Treweeke'S Sth To Waterfall 3.63 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe 4-Ohinewai Rd Nth To Waterfall 2.08 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe 5-Ohinewai Rd Sth- Comm. Tower 3.04 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe 6-Mangapiko Valley Rd To Tower 6.65 kmDOC Map 
Hapuakohe Walkway 22.03 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Harataonga Loop Track 1.45 kmDOC Map 
Harataonga W/Way 11.50 kmDOC Map 
Harataonga Walkway 11.70 kmLand Information New Zealand Map 
Harbour Bridge 2.33 km Map 
Harbourside Drive 2.04 kmAuckland Council Map 
Harbourview - Orangihina (existing concrete path) 1.05 kmAuckland Council Map 
Harbourview - Orangihina (existing metal path) 1.13 kmAuckland Council Map 
Harihari Coastal Walk 5.66 kmDOC Map 
Harkness Hut Totussock Hut 5.32 kmDOC Map 
Harman Hut To Mudflats Hut Track 8.04 kmDOC Map 
Harmon Pass To Julia Hut Track 5.22 kmDOC Map 
Haroharo Rd 2.79 kmRDC - Orthophotography, 2006_2K Map 
Harper Pass HDC 51.42 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Harper Pass Track 20.52 kmDOC Map 
Harper Pass WDC 22.02 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Harper River Riverbed 9.40 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Harper Riverbed Bypass 9.26 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Harper Road 21.32 kmKim Ollivier Map 
Harper Valley Track 9.03 kmDOC Map 
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