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Where in New Zealand is
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Map of New Zealand
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Map of New Zealand - another New Zealand map
South Island road map
North Island road map
Large detailed New Zealand road map
This map with photos showing some awesome places
Database of places
Database of backcountry huts
Database of camping grounds
Table of New Zealand places
Table of New Zealand hiking tracks

  • New Zealand is located in the South Pacific in a region known as Oceania.
  • It is 4155km east of Australia and is connected to it by what is known as the Tasman Sea.
  • Australia and New Zealand combined is what is called Australasia.
  • New Zealand has 15,000 kilometres of coastline making it the 9th largest in the world, surprising huh?
  • There is about 425,050 kilometers of rivers (Largest at 425km is the Waikato River) and streams and about 4000 lakes
  • The total are of New Zealand is about 26.8 million hectares
  • There is 13.9 million hectares of farming land
  • Highest moutain is Mt Cook at 3,724 meters

LINZ : where the databases were sourced.