Map showing location of Lake Poukawa


LINZ description: Feature shown on: NZMS260 V22 Edition 1 1983
Latitude: -39.782028
Longitude: 176.701194
Northing: 5589879.1
Easting: 1916975.4
Land District: Hawke's Bay

Scroll down to see a more detailed road map and below that a topographical map showing the location of Lake Poukawa. The road map is openstreetmap and the location of Lake Poukawa may be a bit off, the topo map should show the percise location of Lake Poukawa as both the database and the map tiles have been provided by LINZ which uses NZGD2000 whereas openstreetmap and google maps both use WGS84 even though they are suspose to be pretty much identical.

Lake Poukawa Map New Zealand

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