about New Zealand : Satety and Crime

Satety and Crime

New Zealand - pretty mountains but a lot of rotten people.

With the recent death of Grace Millane, a backpacker who was murdered by some creep she meet through a dating app. I thought I will post my thoughts on the decay of New Zealand and some little know facts about the culture in this country. You won't find this on any of the official tourism sites.

New Zealand has a image of easy going locals that are willing to help you out, while true we also have more than our fare share of crazy people. Violent thugs in particular are in plentiful supply here.

Some facts about New Zealand

Suicide - The highest rate of youth suicide in the developed world, that is right, lovely New Zealand, why would someone want to kill themselves? ( BBC ).

Rugby, racing and beer - New Zealand males have a very macho attitude, a she'll be right if there is any type of problem, especially depression - "Just deal with it mate!", "Don't be a fairy!", You get the point.

Bullying - we have a high rate of bullying in our schools with little support for those effected, This results in a lot of disenfranchised and angry young men among our ranks.

The P epidemic - Walter White would have been right at home in New Zealand. Meth or as it is known in New Zealand as P (Pure methamphetamine) is as common as the cold, everyone knows someone that is using it, we have one if not the highest rate of use in the world ( The Guardian on P in New Zealand ). Users often end up committing crime and in some cases violent crime as a result of their usage. Make sure you lock up your hire car as car break ins are very common, you often read about some tourist that has lost everything due to thief.

Safety Do not hitchhike alone if you are female. There has been a few rapes and murders over the last several years, while the risk is small it is still a risk not worth taking.

Make sure you are always with your friends if out drinking and don't walk home alone if you are female. It is very easy to get drunk and have that care free attitude, so make a plan before you start. www.police.govt.nz

Always lock your car and put everything in the boot out of site, don't leave your car unattended with luggage, laptops etc in the backseat.