New Zealand Hiking and Cycling(?) Tracks

These are some of the walking, hiking, and biking tracks in New Zealand. I have removed a lot of them, as the LINZ database, although named "Walking and Biking Tracks of New Zealand," contains many points that are unrelated or unnamed. I have also filtered it to only show tracks that are more than 800 meters. All of them can be found here, though the table on that page isn't sortable. The database is available for free at LINZ if you would like a copy.

Clicking on the link will take you to a topographical map showing the route. On that page, you can switch between the topo map, street map, or satellite map. It would be nice if you could write a comment, upload a photo, or even just rate the track out of 10. I have made it as quick and easy as I can, so no painful registration. Edited - had to pull this for now as was getting spammed, again. (contact me) if you have any corrections on any of these routes.

*Cycle routes? The LINZ database isn't very clear on what is and isn't a cycle track. Your guess is as good as mine. It seems that if it is numbered 0 or 99, it is unknown or forbidden, whereas any other number seems to mean it is a cycling track. If you know that a particular route is a mountain bike track, then I would appreciate it if you used the review form on that page to let me know.

Distance - this is as the crow flies and, as such, doesn't include the gradient of a track. So if the start of the track finishes higher than the beginning, it would be slightly longer, and vice versa.

There will be some duplicates, although I have grouped by name. Some tracks have variations in the name, depending on the source (i.e., Te Araroa Trail, Te Araroa National Walkway). On a side note, if anyone has the complete Te Araroa Trail, I would appreciate it if I could use it (contact me). LINZ only includes 673 km of it.

Todo - convert each route to GPX, so it can be downloaded and uploaded to your device. Get the altitude of each point of the track and make a cross-section of each track, as well as using this in the GPX file. So much work, so little time...

Track Name Distance Location Data Source Bike Route*
Track Name Distance Location Data Source Bike Route*