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These are a mixture of Department of Conservation and private huts. Those without much information are more than likely privately owned and may or maynot be open to the public. If anyone has any information on any of them it would be great if you contacted me and let me know.

The price of a serviced hut is $15 a night, standard hut is $5 a night, Basic/Bivvy are free or you can get an annual pass for $122. All these prices are half price for 11-17 year olds or free if 10 years old and under. The Great Walk huts vary from place to place and season to season but to give you an idea it is $140 a night on the Milford (half price for New Zealanders) to $15 off season and for summer at least they need to be booked through DoC which you can do online @ DoC. I do plan to add the tracks that these huts are on but it is proving to be complicated.

On each individual hut page I have included a zoomable topo map as well as a road map. Most of the information on these hut has been sourced from LINZ and DoC, so thanks to those two government departments :).

Name LatitudeLongitude AreaTypePhoto 
Blue Lake Hut -42.0582649991172.655120243Nelson Lakes National ParkServiced Map 
Blue Lake Huts -45.4797487606168.938383163 Map 
Blue Mountain Hut -41.8627128678173.324024231Glazebrook Conservation AreaStandard Map 
Blue Range Hut -40.7933266504175.518679884Tararua Forest ParkStandard Map 
Blue River (Blowfly) Hut -43.7926665567169.345854605Haast, Paringa and Moeraki rivers areaStandard Map 
Bluff Hut -43.0467818695171.126903716Kokatahi River - Whitcombe River areaStandard Map 
Blyth Hut -39.3317959083175.525054793Tongariro National ParkServiced Map 
Boar Inn -41.3456315882174.969409728Catchpool Valley & Orongorongo Valley, Remutaka Forest ParkServiced Map 
Boatshed Hut -44.7378678573167.80212922 Map 
Boatshed Shelter -44.7378454875167.801579976 Map 
Bob's Camp Bivouac -43.1421722312172.291501586 Map 
Bob's Hut -39.3638564875175.983319206 Map 
Bobs Hut -42.2237440759172.486152484Nelson Lakes National ParkStandard Map 
Bog Hut -45.2121580424170.633551094 Map 
Bog Inn Hut -38.5831653578175.628806549Pureora Forest ParkStandard Map 
Bonnie Jean Hut -44.8591739216168.449242412 Map 
Boo Boo Hut -42.9282897037171.198445362Kokatahi River - Whitcombe River areaBasic/bivvies Map 
Borland Bivouac -45.7399179434167.371384153 Map 
Bottom Gordons Hut -41.9270265641173.13932471 Map 
Bottom Misery Hut -41.9113971987173.049592246Leatham Conservation AreaStandard Map 
Bottom Mount Peel Hut -43.8484265554171.118831812 Map 
Boulder Forks Hut -41.7900292751173.25437065Leatham Conservation AreaStandard Map 
Boulder Lake Hut -40.8999619516172.578854005Kahurangi National ParkStandard Map 
Boundary Creek Hut -43.5295253422171.071437104Hakatere Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Boundary Creek Hut -44.7287304288169.85485346Oteake Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Boundary Hut -45.3298979841169.145175896Old Woman and Old Man/Kopuwai RangesBasic/bivvies Map 
Boundary Hut -45.1397205324168.179583165Mavora Lakes Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Boundary Hut -44.2407517918169.466610154 Map 
Boyle Flat Hut -42.4655339595172.460635412St James Conservation AreaServiced Map 
Branch Bivouac -41.9636323502173.037072572 Map 
Branch Creek Hut -41.5238601305172.510872269Kahurangi National ParkStandard Map 
Brass Monkey Bivouac -42.4194167631172.316038893 Map 
Brewster Hut -44.0878171212169.412269362Makarora area, Mount Aspiring National ParkServiced Alpine Map 
Briens Hut -39.6661876674176.340840843 Map 
Brills Bivouac -38.1918373222177.332133398 Map 
Brod Bay Shelter and Campsite -45.4047079254167.674515214 Map 
Brodrick Hut -43.9750043667169.728846576Ruataniwha Conservation ParkStandard Map 
Broken River Hut -43.1897609545171.836163078Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Brown Hut -44.8884676873170.264863701Oteake Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Brown Hut -40.8503933464172.447283414Kahurangi National ParkGreat Walk Map 
Browning Hut -41.4137700944173.276772502Mount Richmond Forest ParkStandard Map 
Browning Range Bivouac -42.9053696307171.274927983 Map 
Buckland Peaks Hut -41.8744587083171.629030489 Map 
Bull Creek Hut -42.893126052171.968329474Arthur's Pass National ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Bull Flat Hut -44.1579939039169.538009153Hāwea Conservation ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Bull Paddock Creek Hut -41.8325507253172.99614261 Map 
Bullendale Hut -44.787579301168.673524276Skippers areaStandard Map 
Bungaree Hut -46.8090446308168.033550157Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island/RakiuraStandard Map 
Burn Creek Hut -42.1566545655172.449162433Nelson Lakes National ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
Burn Hut -40.6203319107175.528603443Tararua Forest ParkBasic/bivvies Map 
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