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Cheap Travel Insurance

"Every man is the architect of his own fortune."

Picture the scene. Months spent planning and saving for your dream holiday. Arriving in New Zealand, you buy a car, fill it up and you're all set to go. Last detail before you leave, you park your car safely (busy street, peak hour) to pop into an Internet café. Having put Mum's and Dad's mind at rest, adrenalin flowing, you're all set to hit the Southern Alps. Crap. The car's gone. Crap. That's just where you left it. Now, what are you gonna do? Bad enough that your credit cards and passport are going to be a nightmare to replace but where exactly do you go when all you've got left are the clothes on your back?

Travel insurance is a simple concept. Adventurous as your travels may be, you'll have peace of mind to go with them. World Nomads Travel Insurance is excellent because at low-cost you can insure yourself for adventure sports like bungy jumping or whitewater rafting. Not a bad idea. If you've ever been skiing, you won't need anyone to tell you how frequently accidents occur. You'll get Emergency Medical Coverage including medical evacuation if the case is serious. If a fight breaks out in a bar and someone's fist finds your face, your dentist's bill is covered by the Emergency Dental Treatment policy.

World Nomads Insurance offers particularly comprehensive coverage. Those lovely, little expensive items like Ipods, digital cameras and laptops can all be insured. Fun though they may be, every traveller has stories of things getting stolen at backpackers, camping grounds and guest houses. In your case, you'll be covered for Accidental Theft. If you borrow a friend's laptop and accidentally damage it, you're also covered. Yep. You'll be covered for Personal Liability as well.

Making your claim is easy. All you have to do is apply on-line. If you decide to extend your trip, you can extend your coverage on-line, cutting out phone calls and agencies. Offering you reliable, low-cost, travel insurance, Nomads is underwritten by Allianz and further backed by Mondial, one of the largest and most successful organisations in the world. What more do you need?

World Nomads Travel Insurance

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