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Nelson Lakes Photos

New Zealand Pictures

I have installed new software, please post photos, comments etc here.

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Lake Rotoiti from St Arnaud end*
Viewed: 10139 times.
Lake Rotoiti taken from Coldwater Hut end.*
Viewed: 14683 times.
Travers valley*
Viewed: 8901 times.
Whisky Falls, the remains of a old illict still were found here in the 1880's.*
Viewed: 9048 times.
Coldwater Hut*
Viewed: 7723 times.
Quite a few beech trees have a burnt appearance, this is caused by a fungus (Capnodium fungus) growing on the glucose secreted from the above little insect (Ultracoelostoma assimile.). The above photo is showing its bum sticking out of the tree and the honeydew is its excrement yummm tastes nice though.
Viewed: 7062 times.
South Island Robin
Viewed: 6447 times.
Introduced Swans*
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