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Milford Sounds Photo

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Homer Tunnel

From: shazza   (Thu Aug 5 21:28:55 2004)
Its not that great...the only fun i had going here was the head on collision i almost had with a tour bus. Stupid asians

From: redhead   (Fri Sep 30 08:57:46 2005)
Bugger off Shazza, you obviuosly wouldn't know gorgeous scenery unless it bit you on the bum!!

From: Blackiem   (Mon Oct 17 08:15:53 2005)
Agree Red... some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen anywhere

From: Heather   (Mon Nov 27 14:42:15 2006)
Absolutely agree! We went through Homer Tunnel in mid-Nov 2004. Snowing at one end and raining at the other - and the scenery was still breathtaking. Can't wait to see it again in a few weeks.

From: Rua   (Wed Apr 30 08:45:36 2008)
This place has been said by many to be the eighth wonder in the World! I agree.

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