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Mckenzie Country Photo

Picture :: 4 :: SI New Zealand Image

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From:   (Tue Mar 8 00:17:10 2005)
this is mine!

From: Garry   (Mon Mar 14 09:29:45 2005)
Your what?

From:   (Mon May 23 13:34:12 2005)
nice pictures Garry....

Did you ever find out what this guy was saying was his? Maybe he was just messing with you.

From: Garry   (Mon May 23 13:51:19 2005)
No I didn't, I guess he thought maybe he had taken it. Who knows.

From:   (Tue Mar 14 09:50:21 2006)
I'm just wishing this place would be mine! This place is great!

From: Garry   (Tue Mar 14 11:34:26 2006)
Oh OK :)

From: andrew innes   (Mon Jul 17 13:46:36 2006)
The country in the back ground of this photo is Haldon Station whish used to belong to my family. as children we would jump of fthis bridge into the deep water below.

From: albania   (Sun Feb 25 15:19:23 2007)
eshte perrallore

From: Thailand   (Fri Jun 8 10:07:54 2007)
it's very cool!! thanks

From: Lynda Fraser   (Sat Jun 23 06:28:38 2007)
Wow Andrew did I! yes that's the Ohau bridge and all of us that grew up in Twizel(that were brave enough) would jump. ahh such great memories. Thank you Garry for sharing this.

From: Derek   (Fri Feb 15 14:25:42 2008)
I used to bunjee jump from that bridge

From: louise from Australia   (Wed Apr 23 08:46:16 2008)
To Andrew innes, Lynda, Derek ...Thirty odd years ago I read "Died in the Wool" by Ngaio Marsh which was set on a sheep station in the MacKenzie Country. Have you read it? Her description of the high country has stayed with me all these years. I was wondering whether Mount Moon station could be Haldon Station or Grays Hills Station.

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