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Kaikoura Photo

Picture :: 1 :: SI New Zealand Image

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From: my home   (Wed May 26 15:37:42 2004)
i miss you!xxx

From: charlie   (Sat Jan 8 00:51:16 2005)
Your home is so beautiful!!

From: tanya   (Sat Jan 8 14:01:27 2005)
I miss you Kaikoura, dolphins and whales!! My home is so far away in the Czech Republic.

From: kiwi in Oz   (Fri Mar 4 05:00:31 2005)
What a great foto I mis this place

From: John   (Sun May 1 20:05:13 2005)
Beautiful, I loved Kaikoura while I was there and still miss being in New Zealand. It is a long way from Ohio in the USA.

From: Veit   (Fri Aug 12 03:58:01 2005)
Jeah it is also a long way from Switzerland but i will return one day do my beloved Kaikoura. I love this place

From: brent   (Sat Oct 22 16:24:17 2005)
kaikoura is my home, i miss you kaikoura. im now living in melbounre and want to come back to beautiful new zealand. i will be soon land of the long white cloud. xx

From: dasiy   (Sun Apr 30 20:15:28 2006)
i didnt really like kiakoura it smelt funny

From: Nik   (Tue May 23 14:42:42 2006)
Great place, awesome whale watching. Eat Lobsters - not feathers ;o)

From: Penny   (Sun Aug 6 06:12:01 2006)
Kaikoura my god what a gorgeous place to be...the sea the snow....tis so my home...

From: Emma   (Tue May 1 08:59:04 2007)
I am now totally homesick...London eww

From: Noom   (Wed May 14 00:07:49 2008)
My ex-girlfriend used to live at the Point, Kaikoura while I was in Greymouth.

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