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Christchurch Photo

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Christchurch Square Summer

From:   (Sat Oct 4 05:17:20 2003)
Born and raised in CHCH, now living in the USA. Left in 1983, boy what change.
Born in 1953, and still remember the way it used to be. Have you all messed it up, or what. Bring back the way it used to be, not the way the Japs want it. Does anybody remember the red buses??

From: Phil Doyle   (Fri Apr 16 08:16:07 2004)
The square was a great hub of activity when I lived there and looks great in this photo too !

From:   (Wed Sep 15 08:20:55 2004)
i didnt know that there was a city in the world. but it is very beautiful.
i liked it.

From: Hey   (Thu Aug 4 21:35:35 2005)
i was born in Chch live in the North Island now, there has been a lot of improvements since 1953 the busses are still red but not as red as your neck go back to stickville red necked one

From: Neil   (Thu Jan 12 11:27:52 2006)
Love Chch. Lived there 1988 - 1995. Went to the square on weekends with the kids, the wizard was a nuisance but the mongrel mob and black power were fun to watch.

From: Charo -   (Mon Feb 27 14:59:05 2006)
Chch, I'll be back soon!!!

From: Kiwi   (Thu Mar 23 08:04:23 2006)
is it true that if you throw a 20c piece from the top of the cathedral it might actually kill someone?

From: Garry   (Thu Mar 23 08:27:31 2006)
lol i remeber hearing about that when i was a kid. I doubt it maybe the empire state building or the sky tower in auckland

From: Matthias   (Sat Apr 29 18:43:35 2006)
Hi im from Germany. I love the photos from Christchurch and other places in New Zealand. Once a time in my life i will see it with my own eyes.
Bye and best wishes from Germany !

From:   (Fri Oct 27 10:04:54 2006)
Best city in the world!I spent a fantastic week there and I hope to get back one day.The square is great I spent hours there.I love it!Zoltan from hungary

From:   (Sat Mar 10 18:16:33 2007)
Lived in Christchurch 1970 - 1975 after moving from Wellington. Now live in San Diego, CA. Went back to Chch in 1994 for first time since leaving - it is still the great place I remember.

From:   (Wed Mar 21 17:39:30 2007)
was in christchurch in 1961 the church square was great! I was with my girl friend,A nurse Angela Ward.Miss ChristChurch.,A beautiful place. Ollie Prater

From: abby   (Sat Apr 14 03:15:33 2007)
you guys all make me wanna cry.i miss chch sooo much!i live in melbourne and it's funny cos i didnt appreciate chch as much as it deserves,and although the guy at the top sounds a bit full on i would have to agree that it was a shame they changed the square so drastically,but hey chch is just beautiful.

From:   (Sun May 27 06:26:25 2007)
I am going to NZ in January 2008 from top to bottom.I am looking forward and it will be amazing to be there!!!

From:   (Wed Jan 16 12:24:57 2008)
love christchurch it is beautiful. was there in the winter 1961 with us air force, met angela ward there. she was a nurse there,ollie prater usa

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