Waimangu Volcanic Valley Travel Guide

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

This is a special area of thermal activity. Firstly, its the only thermal area in the world whose history has been recorded. The area was created by the eruption of Mount Tarawera which destroyed the Pink and White terraces but left this valley in its wake. There are various features which you can see here including Frying Pan Lake, the world's largest hot spring, streams of hot water tinged with green and orange moss and the Waimangu Cauldron. The water is so hot here you'll be able to feel the heat at a distance as you watch the steam smoke from the water at the Inferno crater. You'll also see pools of bubbling water which is really caused by emissions of carbon dioxide rather than the temperature. The area has been totally maintained in its natural state except for a walking trail and a road. You can walk through the reserve one-way and take a bus back. You can also take a boat at the end of the walk on Lake Rotomahana to the site of the former eighth wonder of the world. There are no spas here.