Tairua Travel Guide


Tairua meaning 'Two Sides' is another holiday resort in an idyllic spot Head to Paku Drive which you'll find on the eastern side of Town. Mount Paku (178m) is a 15min walk from here. You'll see where the town gets its name when you reach the spectacular views at the twin peaks which look over the harbour, town, beaches and the neighbouring Pauanui. You can also see the twin Kauris at Twin Kauri Reserve (4km north), which rest by the side of the road. On a more sombre note, you can pay tribute to a sailor aboard the HMS Tortoise who lost his life in the surf in 1842. You'll find the grave if you go to the end of Sailor's Grave Road, cross the creek and then walk along the beach. Alternatively, you can head up to the Puketui Valley and walking amidst old gold mining relics and a 400m tunnel. If you know your rocks this is apparently also a good place for fossicking. To get there take Highway 25 and turn off at Hikuai and head southeastwards until you come to the signs.